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Are you thinking of making a race discrimination against your employer or are you an employer looking to protect yourself against a race discrimination claims? 
Very recently the leader of the UKIP party’s girlfriend made racist remarks about Meaghan Markel. Stories like this often hit the headlines and remind us that racism and discrimination is still very much part of our lives. 
A few weeks ago we were told about a Claimant who had been called a “fat ginger pikey”, “salad dodger” and “fat yoda”. His claim for race discrimination in the Employment Tribunal failed. Although the comments were clearly shocking, the Claimant was unsuccessful because the Tribunal took his failure to complain promptly to mean that he was not actually offended. However, the Tribunal could have found discrimination if the circumstances had been even slightly different. 
Quote by a male BBC actor - "Many men's salaries aren't just for them, it's for their wife and children, too." 
Last week, the BBC revealed details of what it pays its highest earners. 
Chris Evans was the highest paid male and received over £2m whereas the highest paid woman, Claudia Winkleman earned between £450,000 and £499,000.  The top four highest paid men collectively earned £5,500,000 compared to £1,749,996 earned by the top four highest paid women. 
These revelations are clearly concerning but have they really come as a shock?  A well-known male actor for the BBC appeared to defend the pay disparity when he reportedly made the comment "Many men's salaries aren't just for them, it's for their wife and children, too."  He has since apologised for his comments but is this what many other people believe?  Top female talent at the BBC appear to have believed for some time that they were not being paid equally to their male colleagues. They’ve tried to raise their concerns but say they have been brushed aside. 
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