Do you need an employee handbook? 

It's not the law, just good practice. 

Having an employee handbook isn't a legal requirement but is certainly good practice. It is a method of collating all the important points which you want to bring to the attention of your employees. As an employer you are required to provide quite a lot of information to your employees and having a central document, whether printed or electronic, is an efficient way of making sure this happens. It also makes it easier for you to keep the information up to date. 
We can help you produce an employee handbook specific to your needs. We recommend 16 essential 'easy to read' policies for your handbook.  
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Who will read it? 

Apart from being a good source of helpful information for your new employees, employee handbooks have been used by Tribunals to make decisions which have supported the employer. If you are going to have a handbook, make sure it's written well. It may well come to your rescue in any contentious tribunals. Or even better, reduce the risk of a tribunal in the first place.  
Essential Employee Handbook Policies
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