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We are specialists in employment law and litigation work. We take care to provide excellent levels of service to our clients which has resulted in us being one of the three best rated employment law firms in Birmingham. 
Birmingham has the largest concentration of businesses outside of London. Our aim is to support businesses with their employment law issues. Ideally, we would like businesses to come to us before they have conflicts with their employees. Because we have experience in resolving many employer/employee conflicts, we have greater insight into the root causes of these disputes. We can help businesses improve their systems and practices to reduce the likelihood of conflicts developing in the first place. We believe we are contributing towards keeping the Midlands Engine running smoothly by helping employers in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area manage their employees lawfully and fairly. After all, “a happy employee is a productive employee”. 
Our philosophy is to keep it simple. The English legal system is very complex, even for specialists, but when it comes to day to day management of people we believe the best advice is to keep policies and procedures simple so that everyone can understand them. We have supported employees in tribunals where the employer’s policies have been so complicated, even experienced HR personnel haven’t been able to explain them to the judge. When this happens, it benefits our clients. However, we can’t help thinking, had the employer used easy-to-understand policies, would they have gotten into conflict with their employee in the first place. If you haven’t done so recently, take a look at your employee handbook to see if it’s simple or complex. 
Although our employment solicitors are based in Birmingham, we deal with employment matters across the country. We use cloud based technology to safely share and edit documents with you and can even arrange video conferencing if desired.  
We cover a wide range of employment law including: 
unfair dismissal 
breach of contract 
discrimination claims 
settlement agreements 
whistleblowing claims 
protection of business interests 
disciplinary and grievance procedures 
unlawful deduction from wages 
hearings at the Employment Tribunal 
We work for employers and employees. Our solicitors support fairness in the workplace and promote best practice in employment law to help employers gain the best from their employees. They also support employees who have not been treated correctly or fairly, according to employment laws. 
Employment Solicitors in Birmingham

Are you an employer? 

Maintaining good relations with your employees is an effective way to run your business. Whether you are based in Birmingham or not, we can help you keep up to date with employment law policies and processes so that you can maintain a motivated and productive team. Where disputes arise, we will ensure that you have practices in place to manage these professionally and fairly. 
Negotiated solutions are often the best approach to dealing with employment disputes in the form of settlement agreements but occasionally disputes end up in the Employment Tribunal. We have experienced employment solicitors who can support and advise you through this process. 
The services our solicitors most commonly provide for employers in Birmingham and elsewhere are: 
Advising you on or preparing your contracts of employment 
Preparing or updating your employment policies and procedures 
Dealing safely with employee redundancies 
Guiding and advising you on disciplinary proceedings 
Resolving employee grievances 
Advising you on matters relating to disability and avoiding discrimination claims 
How you can use best practice to avoid employment claims 
Protecting your organisation’s trade secrets and confidential information 
Preventing unfair competition through restrictive covenants and injunctions 
Representing you in Tribunal and Court proceedings 
Providing you with training and education in employment law, particularly new and forthcoming legislation 

Are you an employee? 

We know that having a dispute with your employer can be a very traumatic and upsetting experience. These feelings are often made worse by being unsure of your rights under employment laws. You may even be facing an organisation with vastly more resources than you. We can level the playing field and help you negotiate with your employer for a fairer outcome. 
Our aim is to provide clear legal advice in plain English so that you can make more informed decisions. If you are based in Birmingham, our offices are conveniently located in Edgbaston, close to Birmingham City centre. For clients in other parts of the country, we can make use of other forms of communication including telephone, email, and video conferencing. 
The most common areas of employment law we help employees with are: 
Wrongful dismissal 
Please call us at our Birmingham office on 0121 452 5130 or use our Contact Page to send us details of your matter and we will be able to tell you if we think you have a case and provide an estimate of the costs to support you. 
We understand that it helps to know what others have thought of our service before committing yourself to contacting us so we have gathered a few client reviews. You can view them using this link: Yell Reviews 

Giving back to our Community 

Everyone in our team lives in the Birmingham or the surrounding areas and have chosen to support the Edward’s Trust charity based locally in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Edward’s Trust was set up in 1989 by Peter and Hilary Dent in memory of their son Edward, who died aged 7 of cancer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Over 25 years later the Trust continues to provide much needed support to bereaved families. They provide holistic family bereavement services supporting children, young people and parents across the West Midlands. 
We are paying for a counselling session for a bereaved parent or child each month in support of this wonderful charity as well as taking part in a number of fund raising activities throughout the year. 
If you wish to know more about Edward’s Trust, please visit their website
Absolutely professional! 
The service I received was very professional. Ian Jones dealt with the issue I had in a very compassionate way. He was very thorough in fully understanding the situation to ensure that he could assist me. There were many terms that I was unfamiliar with that he clarified for me. 
If I need legal assistance again Spencer Shaw will be my first port of call. 
Melissa P 
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