As an Executive or Senior Officer, you have a great deal of responsibility and are crucial to the success of your employing organisations. 
You must operate under considerable pressure and much is asked of you. This can create some very particular employment law issues for you and your team. 
Spencer Shaw Solicitors provide advice, assistance and representation specifically for directors employed under contracts of service and those in senior management positions. 

Before employment, we can advise you on: 

The most appropriate type of contract for you 
Relevant notice period agreeable to both parties 
Fair salary and bonus schemes for you 
Financial and other benefits 
Fidelity and good faith requirements 
Your liabilities as an Executive 
Protection of confidential information and intellectual property 
Protecting your business with post-termination restrictions, particularly non-solicitation and non-compete clauses. 
During employment, we advise you on: 
Changes to your contracts 
Helping you with disciplinary matters (including representation at internal hearings if permitted to attend) 
Navigating you through corporate reorganisations 
Setting fair rewards for promotions 
And share entitlement and bonus payments 
At the end of the relationship we advise on and assist with: 
Negotiating the most favourable severance package 
Helping you understand 'garden leave' and its implications 
If your Executive wishes to or has taken up employment with a competitor, issues such as restrictive covenants and the use of confidential information 
Should your Executive want to start his or her own business, what the Executive may or may not do during their existing employment; 
Preparation and advice on a suitable settlement agreement; 
References and press releases; 
"Ian is a rare creature, a solicitor who not only has a huge intellect and ability to quickly get to the heart of a legal problem, but he does so with a smile and a great sense of humour. It has been a real pleasure dealing with someone who can make what was, for me, a complicated contract issue, clear and understandable. He’s professional at all times. Highly recommended." 
G Hutchinson 
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