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Do you think you have been unfairly dismissed due to your sex? You could have a claim for unfair dismissal. Here's how we can help: 
Get immediate feedback, at no cost, on whether you may have a claim for discriminatory unfair dismissal 
Get clarity on your options and what it might cost to make a claim for sex discrimination 
Discover whether the cost of your claim can be covered by an existing insurance policy 
Get specialist support with your claim to make the process easier 
Clear advice in plain English - no confusing legal jargon 
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This page is aimed at employees, but we also work with businesses. 
If you are an employer needing advice about sex discrimination, please call us for specific advice

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Our guide covers the questions we get asked most often by people looking to make a claim for unfair dismissal on the basis of sex discrimination. It should help you decide your next steps. 
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Why choose Spencer Shaw for Employment Law advice? 

We believe in: 
Guiding you to make the best choices for your case, using our specialist knowledge and experience of employment law and procedures. 
Providing clear information on fees so that you have control of your costs right from the start. 
Actively progressing your matter. Thanks to our focus on quality of service, not quantity of cases, your issue will get the attention it needs, when it needs it. 
Keeping you up to date about your matter. You shouldn’t need to chase us to find out what is happening. 
Our specialist team has a wide range of experience in Unfair Dismissal, covering a variety of industries. We work together to ensure that clients get the best of this combined experience, alongside excellent customer service. 
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Frequently Asked Questions About Unfair Dismissal and Sex Discrimination 

What counts as an unfair dismissal? 

You may have a claim if you have been dismissed without a legally fair reason. This isn’t the same as unfairness in the common sense meaning of the phrase. 
Fair reasons for dismissal include: 
you are guilty of misconduct 
you aren’t capable of doing your job 
your role is redundant 
We can help to determine if your dismissal was fair and reasonable, or whether you have a claim.  

Have I been discriminated against? 

If your employer treats you less favourably because of your sex then you may have been discriminated against. The less favourable treatment must be because of your sex to allow a claim for discrimination. Usually, discrimination will be shown by comparing the claimant to an employee of the opposite sex. 
The following are ways that your dismissal may be discriminatory: 
Direct discrimination: where you are dismissed because of your sex. 
Indirect discrimination: where you were dismissed based on a policy or practice that has the effect of treating employees of one sex less favourably than the other. It doesn’t matter whether your employer intends to discriminate, it is the effect of the policy that’s important. There may be times that indirect discrimination can be justified, for example where the policy is proportionate or necessary. 
Victimisation: where your employer treats you detrimentally because you enforced your rights, or they believed you intended to. This could include if you bring a legal claim under the Equality Act or give evidence at proceedings. 
An experienced employment law solicitor can help you to understand how the law applies to your personal circumstances. 

Is there a deadline for making an unfair dismissal claim? 

You must make your claim within three months of the date that your employment terminates, with the date of termination as day one. It’s possible for employees to complain about several incidents of discrimination over time as long as the last one is within three months of the time that a complaint can be made. 
Depending on your circumstances, you may not need to make a legal claim - some employers will be open to discussion if you approach them in the right way. Get advice early on so that you have time to consider your options. 

I had an argument with my boss but I don't know if I've been formally dismissed. Do I have a claim? 

Confusing language or words spoken in the heat of the moment may be a dismissal. It will depend upon the circumstances, so it is important to get advice about what to do next 
If your employer hasn’t dismissed you but has breached your contract, you could have grounds to claim for constructive dismissal. This is different to unfair dismissal. Get in touch using the form below for advice. 

Will I get compensation if I have been unfairly dismissed? 

If your claim is successful, you could receive compensation. The amount will depend upon what you have lost in earnings, notice pay, benefits, pension payments and so on. It varies from case to case. Your solicitor will be able to help you calculate what you may be able to claim.  
Compensation for unfair dismissal includes the following: 
a basic award, based on your weekly pay, your age, and how long you have worked for your employer. 
a compensatory award of up to one year’s gross pay to compensate your loss of earnings. This will be based upon the time you were unemployed or how long the tribunal believes you will take to find a similar position, and any loss of income or benefits in your new role. This will be increased if your employer failed to follow ACAS recommended procedures when terminating your employment. 
If the tribunal finds that your dismissal was discriminatory, you may receive additional damages including injury to feelings, aggravated damages, and interest. 
The tribunal also has the power to reduce your compensation based on your behaviour - for example, if your conduct contributed to your dismissal or you haven’t done enough to find a new job. Legal advice will help you to understand what the tribunal expects of you, so that you don’t harm your case. 
Not all cases make it to tribunal. You may reach an agreement with your employer before the tribunal hearing. Such agreements can be negotiated and will include other terms such as confidentiality and agreeing to waive your rights to make claims against your employer. We can help you to negotiate an agreement that suit you.  
We understand that legal claims aren’t just about compensation. You may want an apology, to be reinstated, or for other changes to be made. This may be possible to achieve. We support you to get the best possible outcome for your interests. 

What will it cost to make an unfair dismissal claim? 

The cost will depend on the complexity of your case and the amount of evidence involved. 
You may have Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) that could cover your legal costs. Many people have LEI and don’t realise. Check your existing insurance policies, such as home, car and building insurance, to see if you have LEI. 
To go through the full tribunal process, a simple unfair dismissal case would likely cost around £5,000-£6,000. More complex cases are likely to cost around £8,000-£10,000, while very complicated cases may exceed £10,000. However, not all cases go through the full process. Many are settled before the final hearing, saving time and money. Getting the right advice at the outset increases your chance of an early beneficial settlement, which could save you money. 
Your solicitor's priority is to resolve the issue in your best interests. This includes helping you to balance the cost of your case against the chances of winning, the potential compensation and the benefits of early settlement. 

Meet Our Team 

Ian Jones, Director and Principal Solicitor 
Ian qualified as a solicitor in 1991. He had experience as a partner and Head of Litigation with larger firms before setting up Spencer Shaw in 2007. His experience includes taking claims on appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. 
“Ian has been clear, concise and made a very stressful situation much more bearable.” 
Felicity Price, Consultant Solicitor 
Felicity qualified as a solicitor in 2009 and joined Spencer Shaw in 2018 as a consultant solicitor, having spent time with several large national firms. Felicity was recommended in Chambers and Partners Guide in 2012, 2013 and 2014. 
“Felicity was very knowledgeable, experienced in employment law and proved to be extremely supportive and friendly.” 
Nazia Khan, Associate Solicitor 
Nazia began her career as a Barrister, being called to the Bar in 1999 before cross-qualifying as a Solicitor in 2004. Nazia is a recommended Solicitor in the Legal 500 and speaks fluent in Urdu and Punjabi. 
“Efficient service whilst maintaining a personal approach” 
Andrea Price, Associate Solicitor 
Andrea received a degree in Business and Finance and a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management before qualifying as a solicitor in 2015. With her combined experience in HR and Employment Law, Andrea understands what businesses will be looking for, which puts her in the ideal position to negotiate for you. 
“Very professional and extremely helpful.” 

Why our clients like dealing with us  

Cannot fault the service I received. The entire team were so helpful and professional. From my first phone call to my last the team at Spencer Shaw really took the time to understand my needs and take me through the process step by step. Furthermore, the speed of the service was incredible. It really was a pleasure and I could not recommend enough! 
We thank all of the staff involved at Spencer Shaw Solicitors, during this very difficult time, and who remained on side for many months. We thoroughly recommend Spencer Shaw Solicitors to anyone unfortunate to be in need of similar help in the future. 
I was very impressed with the service I received when I instructed this firm of solicitors. From first contact to completion, it was an easy process and a really nice customer service along the way, with a very efficient turnaround. I would definitely use again and/or recommend to anyone! 

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