Our client had worked for his employer for over 20 years when he was dismissed. After lodging a tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, he received a letter before action from his former employer threatening High Court action. 
The employer alleged that our client had sold their products to competitors outside of the company, causing them losses of £170,000. Our client refuted the claims. As there had been no mention of any wrongdoing until he lodged tribunal proceedings, he believed it was intended to intimidate him into dropping his unfair dismissal claim. 
Our client did not have legal insurance and had been representing himself in his employment claim. He did not feel able to defend a High Court action without legal support, but this could cost up to £20,000. Without insurance, he would have to fund the costs as well as any damages if he lost the case. The stress of managing two legal cases and the financial risk were causing him great anxiety.  
Andrea responded quickly to avoid a High Court claim. She wrote to the employer’s legal representative to say that we would be investigating the allegations. She requested that no legal action be taken until we had reviewed the evidence and provided a formal response, which the employer agreed to. This helped relieve some of the stress for our client, as it gave him time to gather his thoughts, collect evidence and present his defence.  
Andrea then completed a thorough review of our client’s documentation including purchase receipts, delivery notes and sales receipts. This allowed us to send a detailed denial of the allegations. Based on the detail and strength of the rebuttal, the other side were willing to pause High Court action and discuss a settlement. After negotiation, we managed to settle both claims within 9 weeks. Our client was pleased that we met his main priority of avoiding a costly and risky court case, relieving him of a huge emotional and financial burden.  
With the cases resolved he was able to focus on starting his own business. 
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