We understand that an employment dispute can be daunting, and that choosing a solicitor to support you through it is a big decision. We've been working on defining our approach and our principles, to help you decide whether Spencer Shaw Solicitors is the right firm for you. 
We believe in: 
Guiding you to make the best choices for your case, using our specialist knowledge and experience of employment law and procedures. 
Employment law is the heart of our business. It’s also a huge field with many variables, which is why specialist advice is so beneficial. By focussing entirely on employment law, we have the in depth and up to date knowledge to help you get the result you deserve. 
We don’t just employ great legal minds, we employ good people. Although the process can be difficult or upsetting, we’re here to support you and make it as smooth as possible. 
Our team is experienced working within businesses and representing both employees and employers. This means we understand what matters to both parties and how best to negotiate with the other side – resulting in the best possible outcome for you. 
“More than happy with the advice and guidance. My solicitor explained everything clearly; no jargon, no rushing through things and no making decisions for me. It was great to feel so at ease with discussing something that can become so confusing.” 
Providing clear information on fees so that you have control of your costs right from the start. 
It can be challenging to finance legal advice, but that shouldn’t stop you getting a fair outcome. For us, excellent customer service means providing clear information on costs to put you in control from the beginning. 
We make our fees readily available and easy to understand, giving regular updates throughout your case. We’re happy to liaise with your Legal Expenses Insurer for you, and even provide information to help clients manage their budget
We also understand that most people need to balance the amount they can spend against the likely outcome. We can help you to understand the chances of success and the risks, so that you can make sensible financial decisions. 
Clients reviewing us on Review Solicitors reported that we provided ‘Excellent’ value for the money they paid – well above the average rating for firms. 
Good and effective service, clear and upfront about all arrangements and costs. Thank you “ 
Actively progressing your matter. Thanks to our focus on quality of service, not quantity of cases, your issue will get the attention it needs, when it needs it. 
Our solicitors have finely balanced caseloads, giving them time to present the strongest case possible. This leaves you time to consider important decisions, giving you peace of mind that nothing is being rushed or forgotten. 
When Review Solicitors offered reviewers a choice of words to describe us, ‘Efficient’ was the most chosen term. 
“The overall experience at Spencer Shaw was excellent: professional, quick, smooth and friendly. It made the process much easier than expected. Thank you.” 
Keeping you up to date about your matter. You won’t need to chase us to find out what is happening 
It can be frustrating to hear nothing from your solicitor and have no idea what is happening with your case. We keep you up to date with all progress on your case, and the timeline we are working to, so you’ll never be ‘left in the dark’. 
Clients have rated our Communication as 5*. When reviewers were presented with a choice of words to describe us, ‘Timely responses’ was the joint second most chosen term, along with ‘Would recommend’. 
“Communication was on a regular basis and the matter was dealt with promptly and efficiently. Extremely friendly at all times. I highly recommend them, they went above and beyond.” 
Find out more 
Visit our About Us page to read more about our team, or read our reviews to see what past clients say about us.  
If you think you might need help with an employment law matter, get in touch for advice about how we can help.  
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