Do you feel you have been treated unfairly by your employer? 

Many people who are treated unfairly by their employer don’t understand what steps to take next in order to find a solution to the problem. Their first feeling is usually one of panic at the thought of attempting to claim against their employer, coupled with a fear of high legal costs and a lengthy court battle. 
When an employment crisis occurs it is in your best interest to seek professional advice promptly.  
Ian Jones came recommended from a very good friend of mine. I consulted him regarding some employment issues I had. I must say he filled me with confidence and he's extremely knowledgeable. He assisted me through an extremely difficult time. He dealt with the whole process swiftly, professionally and smoothly. He explained every step of the way in a great manner. I highly recommend him and his firm. 


It may be tempting to resort to searching the internet for employment law advice in the hope of taking the case into your own hands and keeping costs down. However, unqualified and unregulated information can make your situation even more stressful and achieve the wrong outcome. 
Employment law is complicated and without specialist guidance, it’s easy to misunderstand your legal rights. Every case is unique, so generic employment law information on the internet may not apply easily to your case. 
A professional legal advisor can help you to understand how the law applies to your specific case. We’ll help you understand your rights and assess the possibility of a claim. 
You will also have the peace of mind from knowing that any advice we provide is not only going to be professional and accurate, with your best interests at heart, but is also governed by The Law Society, and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. 
We will have an initial conversation to find out how Spencer Shaw Solicitors can help you get the solution you deserve. We advise you in plain English, not legal speak, to ensure you understand your rights and can decide on the best possible action to take.  
We’ll help to clear up any worries you might have about legal fees, investigating all the options available to you. Sometimes a settlement can be negotiated before a case even reaches court. 
Our solicitors are specialists in employment law. They will ensure you understand your options and are able to make informed decisions about: 
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whether to take action 
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what that will involve 
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what the possible outcomes may be 
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what the prospects of success are 
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what compensation you may be entitled to 


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