Election shake-up 

What's next for employment law? 
May 2024 

Neurodiversity in the workplace 

Should employers treat neurodivergence as a superpower or a disability? 
April 2024 

Controversial employees 

Avoid turning an online campaign into a tribunal claim 
March 2024 


Our monthly updates for employers contain news of the latest changes in employment law and tips on how to reduce the risk of successful claims against you. 

Menopause in your workplace 

Are you doing a better job than Avanti? 
February 2024 

New year, new rules 

Prepare for change in 2024 
January 2024 

Merry Christmas from Spencer Shaw 

What did 2023 bring for employers? 
December 2023 

Flexible work: Is it working for you? 

How to avoid the spike in legal claims 
November 2023 

Colleagues in conflict 

Managing Protected Beliefs and Contentious Issues 
October 2023 

Sick leave at a 10-year high 

How to improve health and wellbeing without risking claims 
September 2023 

Can a man be a period dignity officer? 

When you can and can't hire based on protected characteristics 
August 2023 

The new rules for flexible working 

What you need to know and how to prepare 
July 2023 

Are workplace adjustments working for you? 

There's a lot to learn from the Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey 
June 2023 

A new approach to EU law 

The government has dropped the sunset claus 
May 2023 

Is your handbook up to date? 

A well-written handbook can protect your business from legal claims 
April 2023 

How to manage absence during strike season 

Strikes across public transport and schools could affect your staff 
March 2023 

A flurry of new rights for employees 

Far from rights disappearing, workers are getting improved rights 
February 2023 

Uncertain times for employment law 

Employers affected by the 'bonfire of EU law' and the cost of living crisis 
January 2023 


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