This week (November 13th to17th) is Anti-Bullying Week, which kicks off with odd-socks day. Unfortunately, bullying doesn't always stop after childhood - it can be a problem in workplaces too. 
Employers need to be aware of the risks of bullying and how to tackle it. Not only is bullying bad for morale, but it is one of many ways conflict can cost your business and leave you open to legal claims. 
This week is a great opportunity to spend time learning about your obligations and how to protect your business. Below we've gathered the information and blogs you need to get started.  

Liability for an employee's behaviour, and how to protect your business 

Legislation is making employers ever more responsible for employees behaviour - including harassment. This means it is more important than ever to ensure a high standard of behaviour at work. But there is a balance to find – don’t go overboard with deterrence at the cost of fair processes, or you may find yourself facing employment claims. 

It is time to say RIP to NDAs? 

NDAs have long been used to protect business reputations after disputes - including bullying. But are such agreements still legitimate or effective? Or is it time to consign them to legal history? 

Whistleblowing in your business 

Whistleblowers may be subject to bullying following a disclosure, and failure to manage the situation could put you at risk of legal claims. Find out more about the law on whistleblowing, and how to meet your obligations.  

Discrimination at work 

'Banter' sends a shiver down the spine of most HR and employment professionals, due to the risk of creating a hostile work environment. If bullying relates to a protected characteristic - or could appear to - there is a risk of harassment. 

The cost of conflict in the workplace, and how to avoid it 

A report from ACAS has worked out how much conflict in the workplace costs organisations each year - and the amount is staggering. 

Handbooks and Policies 

Policies about harassment and bullying, grievances and disciplinary procedures will help manage conflict between staff.  
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