We have a new and updated Employee Handbook available, to reflect the changes to employment law in the last few years, as well as cultural shifts brought about by the pandemic. 
Does it matter if your policies are out of date? 
Are your policies up to date with the greater demand for flexible work? How about the change in who you can accept fit notes from, or the recommendations from the Women and Equalities Committee to help women going through menopause? Have you had problems with the additional bank holidays? 
Although it is difficult to keep your policies up to date with the law, it is vital that you do. Changes in the law override your policies. This makes it difficult for managers to know which parts of the policies still apply, and which are outdated. Applying an outdated policy rather than the latest rules could leave you open to employment claims. When it comes to defending yourself from vicarious liability, it will be more difficult to argue you have taken all reasonable steps to prevent the misconduct if you haven’t kept your policies up to date. 
What’s new? 
We have updated our handbook to reflect recent changes, including: 
The new rules on who you can accept fit notes from 
Recommendations from the Women and Equalities Committee to help women going through the menopause 
Dealing with additional Bank Holidays (such as the extra day for the King's Coronation) 
And if, after you’ve purchased the handbook, we have any more legal changes or updates in 2023, we will update your policies for free to keep you compliant with the law. 
We have also added 6 new policies covering: 
Right to Work – outlining the documentation needed, how your organisation will verify eligibility, and helping you avoid discrimination in the process. 
Religious and National Holiday Celebrations – detailing how you will balance religious and cultural practices with organisational needs, while treating all staff fairly. 
Company Cars – stating your responsibilities and those of your employees regarding company vehicles. 
Training and Development – to set clear expectations about available opportunities and support, as well as minimum requirements. 
Appraisals – to help employees prepare for and make the most of appraisals. 
Computers, Email & Internet Policy – to set standards for the use of company equipment and utilities, balancing monitoring of employees with data protection requirements. 
As well as updating the content of the policies, we have continued working to make them easy to understand and apply. We think these are our most clear and concise yet! 
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