Our client was employed in the manufacturing industry. He had a long service history with his employer. He was furloughed during the pandemic and subsequently made redundant. He thought the process had been unfair, as he was the only person at risk of redundancy. He felt the whole redundancy process was a sham exercise because ‘his face didn’t fit’ at the company any longer. 
He was daunted by the prospect of job-hunting after so long at one workplace, especially given the difficulties in the market due to the impact of covid and the lockdown period. At the outset of the matter, he had attempted to pursue the claim against the company himself, but found the process unfamiliar and challenging. 
We advised the client of his financial options for funding the claim and supported him to get Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI). This allowed him to make use of full support and representation without worrying so much about cost. It also meant that any money he might receive from the claim could support him between jobs rather than be spent on legal costs. 
Felicity managed his case, initially advising on the strengths and weaknesses of his case to help him understand his options. Once a strategy was agreed, she drafted his claim form and commenced tribunal proceedings on his behalf, and then continued to represent him throughout the process. While our client was very much involved throughout the litigation, Felicity took away a great deal of stress by managing the case on his behalf - drafting documents for the tribunal, liaising with the company’s lawyers on various legal arguments, gathering evidence, drafting witness statements, preparing for the hearing, and ultimately supporting him during the process to make informed decisions at each stage. 
Having seen the strength of the claim presented, the other side commenced settlement discussions with Felicity shortly before the scheduled tribunal hearing. Our client had initially been reluctant to settle, as he wanted a legal acknowledgement that he had been treated unfairly. Felicity discussed this with him regularly as the case progressed. She also advised him about the terms of his LEI, and whether turning down a reasonable offer could affect further funding. 
Felicity represented our client in negotiations and agreed a settlement of £18,000. Our client was very happy with the amount and pleased to have closure from a painful situation. Whilst he did not ultimately have his ‘day in court’, he was able to achieve a beneficial outcome that reduced his financial pressures and compensated him for his loss of earnings whilst he was out of work and job-hunting. He successfully found a new role prior to the matter concluding. 
Our client particularly appreciated our flexible approach and the personal level of support from Felicity throughout. Her clear and objective assessment of the strengths and weakness of the case helped him to make informed decisions based on potential risks and likely outcomes, rather than just on emotion. 
If you feel you have been made redundant unfairly, find out more about redundancy and get in touch for help.  
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